About Us

Atreats started as a simple want to have dog-safe versions of flavors which we know but dogs only get to sniff and whiff at. All our ingredients are natural (e.g. herbs from our own organic garden or from the market) and are human grade (meat are from sources where we buy for our own family meals). Absolutely no artificial additives, no added salt and sweeteners. All flavors are from the natural ingredients themselves.

We do weekly rounds of different treats. Thus, your treats would have come from the very same batches that we will feed our own dogs with. Things are very small scale but definitely with love and care.

We will only process your order for the next weekend batch when we refill for our dogs too. As such, all orders are pre-orders to ensure that you get a fresh batch.

Orders for the week close on every Thursday (i.e. orders on Friday will be made in the next -not the coming- weekend). If you are keen in any product not listed as available, please let us know via our email/ig and we will see if we can add it in that weekend or the next.

For any clarifications, please contact us via atreats.sg@gmail.com or visit our ig @atreats.sg and message us. For delivery/ pick-up options, please do contact us before adding to cart so that we may see what is the best (lowest-cost) arrangement. Thank you.